Office of Student Life

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Purchasing Fuel

Fuel Purchases 

  • All fleet vehicles are to be fueled at Transportation and Traffic Management (TTM), given they are traveling within the 270 Outerbelt.
  • Please fill up the tank, upon your return if the tank is under a 1/4 of a tank.
  • For other trips that are strictly business, please use your department's gas card. 
  • In order to apply for a commercial gas credit card, you can fill out the form on the TTM website then submit it directly to them. This form is for a new Voyager Card, which is used for fueling and breakdowns.  Once the form has been completed in its entirety, it will need faxed to 614-688-4064 OR Scanned/Emailed to 
  • The TTM gas pumps are located at: 2578 Kenny Road, Columbus, OH 43210

Additional Information

  • Student Life Departments that utilize fleet vehicles, there is a $200 annual fee for their vehicle(s).  This fee includes a yearly, mandatory safety check that happens through Transporation and Traffic Management.
  • State vehicles are permitted to park in any non-restricted A, B, or C space as well as non-reserved state vehicle spaces.
  • All Student Life reservable fleet vehicles should have a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher in them. If you come across a vehicle that doesn't, please contact us at