Office of Student Life

Facility Services

Fleet Management & Vehicle Reservation

Transportation and Traffic Management (TTM) oversees all university vehicles. Student Life's Facility Services department manages Student Life's fleet of vehicles accessible for official university business. All university vehicles, golf carts, GEM Cars, UTV's and trucks are required to follow all fleet management policies in addition to state local, and federal laws. 

Please refer to the following sections for information regarding: 

  • Vehicle Acquisition and Use - Utilized for purchasing a vehicle, will need to be submitted to TTM at
  • Self-Disclosure Form - Submitted via fax (614)-292-6199, or email,
  • Driver's Registration - Once the form is completed, It will need submitted as an HRA as "Other."
  • Mileage Log - If this log isn't already in the vehicle, please print one off to update and keep in the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection Form - If the brakes, turn signals, tires, or headlights aren't working - the vehicle cannot be used.  Please notify your supervisor and have them coordinate a time/date to get the necessary items fixed/replaced at TTM.
  • State Vehicle Disposal Form - This form will be used if your department wants to get rid of a vehicle. Complete Section A, then contact TTM at 614-292-6195, to arrange for drop-off of your vehicle or towing, if necessary.
  • In order to reserve an available fleet vehicle, you'll have to reserve it through Service 2 Facilities (S2F). Contact them at 614-292-4357.
  • Vehicles that include a Voyager Card, call 800-987-6591 for towing or fleet assistance.