Office of Student Life

Facility Services

Building Automation

Facility Service's Building Automation group is responsible for the function and support of the department's networked, computerized digital building control devices. Building Automation monitors and controls heating, cooling, ventilation, and related equipment in order to maintain comfort and energy usage within Student Life facilities. We also monitor life safety, security, and critical environments for the department.

What the system provides

  • Control and monitoring of facility security, life safety, heating/cooling plant systems, equipment and environments  (boilers, chillers, air conditioners, ventilation, pumps, values, speed drives, food storage, etc.)
  • Monitoring of building fire alarm systems and emergency generators
  • Monitoring of security systems
  • Monitoring of food service kitchen refrigeration equipment
  • Equipment runtime scheduling and a setback for energy conservation
  • Recording of point history, trend data and utility usage
  • Reporting of alarms, warnings or system problems to the 24-hour support center
  • Web-based access to system information
  • Multimedia alarm message delivery via e-mail, pager, and phone
  • Early warnings in order to help provide uninterrupted services to customers

Key Facts

  • 250,000 data points and control processes and 4,000 controllers are maintained on the current network
  • Approximately seventy thousand notification messages are delivered to the support center on an average year

Questions? Contact Kevin Bledsoe at 614-292-8785